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the odd election near display making many drivers wonder. and no need to fool baseball fans on both sides to have bay are hoping three of a kind . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's monday october 8th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. perhaps the biggest music concert tonight in san francisco also has a presidential theme to it and carries a pretty pricey ticket. happening now president obama back in the bay area for a small dinner and large post party. christian captain live at bill graham auditorium where both events are being held. christian. >> yeah, gasia, let's go ahead and give you a live look so you can see the large crowd here waiting to get inside the auditorium to see the president as well as a sizable group of protesters over in that area. ktvu was the only camera here about 35 minutes ago as the
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presidential motorcade arrived at the plaza. 100 donors are set to dine with the president in just about 15 minutes at a $20,000 a plate dinner here at the auditorium to be followed by a concert and speech at the same venue. air force one touched down at san francisco international airport just before 2:00 this afternoon. a large and enthusiastic crowd greeted the president upon his arrival. people there told ktvu they support the president as election day draws near. >> i love what he's doing for our country. i love what he has done, and i'll be voting for him. >> a long line of donors lined up here this afternoon in all 6,000 donors are dropping $100 a piece to hear john legend and michael and to hear the president speak. that's scheduled for about 9:40 this evening. donors say they want to see an energized president talk about the differences between himself and g objectionp challenger mitt romney and they want to see the
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president capitalize on the latest employment data. >> that's data right there. i mean, romney -- we were talking about this a little bit earlier, but he was -- he was confident up there and he was articulate but he was, you know, speaking lies confidently. >> meanwhile we told you about those protesters gathered here at civic center. they are hoping to air their grievances to the president. the local democratic fundraisers say this will likely be the president's last major visit to the area before the election. in all the president is looking to raise between 5 and a half and $8 million in this brief swing through the bay area. the president is scheduled to leave at 9:30 tomorrow morning. taking a live look you can see at the civic center folks are starting to file in to hear that concert and to enjoy dinner. my colleague heather hol ms will be inside tonight sxooents we'll have a recap tonight ton 10:00 news. for now we are live in san francisco, christian captain
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channel 2 news. more de tails now, prior to arriving here in the bay area he stopped near bakersfield where he dedicate add new national monoewement. the monoewement is located on the site where chavez lived and worked for more than two decades. the president also accompanied chavez's wife helen to his grave site. republican presidential candidate mitt romney appeared in virginia today seeming up beet. at a raining campaign stop romney says he feels confident victory lies ahead. he reminded about his performance in last week's debate. >> you may have noticed earlier in the week we had a debate. that was last week [ crowd cheering ] . >> that was -- that was a good debate. i enjoyed that debate. >> meantime the research center released a poll today that shows 49% of likely voters now they they back romney while 45% say they support president obama. today marks the first day
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the voters could vote by mail. for those already registered to vote by mail, election officials are expected to start sending out those ballots tomorrow after the columbus day holiday. if you haven't registered to vote the deadline to do so is october 22nd. concerns tonight from election officials cy young voters are more likely to have their vote by mail ballots rejected than older voters. contra costa election steve says that's because their soinths their voter registration card often do not match the signature on the back of their mail-in ballot. >> that could mean an election is being lost because of that, and it break misheart to see the younger people that you're getting sievically engaged and you can't count their ballot. >> 20 to 39-year-olds in contra costa county make up to 15% of the voters but 50% of the signature rejection. well, the president's arrival is not exactly welcomed by republicans. one homeowner's public display
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is raising eyebrows and generating outrage. robert honda shows us why. >> many people we saw driving along foothill avenue in morgan hill today took a startled second look at the display on a fence post in front of a home set up near a mitt romney for president sign was a chair empty except for two watermelons. draped along the side a rope tied into an apparent nus with a sign set up to look like a tell prompter that read "go back to kenya" the apparent reference made some passer-bies, including republicans. >> i like the tell prompter. i mean, they're just confident clint east wood so can't blame them on that one but the noose goes a little over the edge. >> a picture of the display was posted on facebook who told us she wanted to make sure people knew it did not represent a community viewpoint. a south bay democratic leader agreed saying it was obviously the work of an individual not a real campaign.
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>> i think it's a very silly prank. it's like someone thinks halloween is right around the corner, i guess. i think it's very disrespectful that someone would do that. i think there's racist overtones. it just to me the mark of kind of a bizarre person. >> i talked to property owner blak la beck who acknowledged making the display but declined to comment further xeptd to say it was okay with him if a picture of it is online. he ools said the display speaks for itself. in mor goon hill robert honda ktvu channel 2 news. two bicyclists were rushed to a napa could bety hospital this afternoon after being hit by a car. it happened on southbound state highway 29 right around 12:40. according to k hksp a tan pontiac struck two bicyclists near north st. helen. one was seriously hurt. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. a vigil is set to get upside way in about 90 minutes in honor of a woman killed in her home
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last week. 55-year-old susie ko was found stab and had beaten to death in her home just before 11:00 friday night. the fbi was called in today to help in the investigation. detectives say they're still looking for a 2011 blue subaru that was stolen from ko's home. that car has idaho plates but police say it's possible those plates may have been changed. san francisco police today released de tails about some of those arrested during saturday's occupy protest. investigators say they arrested more than 20 people but only one is confirmed to be a resident of san francisco. police athey suspect some arrested may have been involved in another protest in the mission district last month. most were arrested on charges including inciting to riot. tok part in destructive protests last night. some 200 protesters vandalized store fronts, city hall, a police station and the oak labd tribune building. a member to have city council says protests have cost the city over $7 million over the last
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year. he also had harsh words for the mayor. >> this mayor cannot continue hiding and cannot continue not taking a position, a very public position. same with some of the council members. >> police say the destruction started when a group of violent protesters took other the peaceful group afghans for peace. suspended san francisco sheriff should learn tomorrow if he gets to keep his job or if he'll be forced out. inciting domestic violence rally on the step of city hall today. they want the supervisors to remove mir kree mee. mir kree mee was suspend affidavit arguing with his wife. the ethics committee decided he was guilty of official misconduct. a nobel prize was handed out to a pioneer and anatomy professor. 50-year-old contributed to a discovery that cells in the body can be reprogrammed. that raises the possibility that scientists could one day grow new tissue or organs for transplant. it could also eliminate the need
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for controversial embryonic stem cells. he shares the prize with 79-year-old british researcher who is known for his early cloning work back in the 1960s. is that right dianne fine steen has asked federal officials to investigate soring gas price here in california. she says even with pipeline and refinery problems california has just as much gas on hand this year than last year. other the weekend governor brown announced he's directing the air resources board to immediately take whatever steps are necessary to allow for an early transition to winter blend gasoline. >> the claim is from the governor's office that early increase applied by 8 to 10% and if that's right, that will cause a very drastic drop in the price of gasoline. >> bay area gas prices hit an all new record today. according to triple a, the avrnl cost of a gallon of regular in san francisco was $4.74 a
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gallon. a gallon in san jose and oakland. . week upcoming economics report. the dow shed 26 points, nasdaq lost 23. also factors in here a 2% decline in apple partly due to a new dispute at its complex in china. reported to be business di building more than 10 million new ipad minis for the upcoming holiday shopping season. the wall street journal reported that's how many units apple has ordered. those orders by for the same period. according to some report apple is expected to send out invitations this week to an event later this month to announce the device. de spite a few glitches apple's new iphone gets a ringing endorsement from consumer reports. the latest issue calls the iphone 5 among the best smart phones on the market. the phone gets high marks mostly for its largest display along with an improved siri feature and a camera one to have best
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found in smart phone. caters to latinos. various community groups are investigating in the decision to take part in the federal program kuled e-verify that checks the status of employees. pueblo said it's participating after a federal audit of its workers' immigration status. pueblo said it will rehire any worker fired for being in the country illegally once they gain legal status. why changing scenery could also mean a giant change in your play off perspective. the motto here is go big or go home. we'll show you which of these monstrous boards won the big prize of the pumpkin way off in bay today. and i'm back here at 7:20 with the latest computer model. it shows some sprinkles out there. i'll line it up for you and show you when you can expect the chance [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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. alaska airlines passengers has a long wait today after a computer network glitch. the carrier said its internet provider suffered a cyber optic cable that shut down alaska computer network. that de lays up to four hours in seattle, up to an hour in the bay area. the airline cancelled about 70 flights. officials say they fixed the problem by noon but delays lasted the rest of the day. a judge today granted a week long delay in public hearing in the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the cpcu filed a request late friday for a month-long call to allow close or assembly talks. lost that request suggesting that pg&e wanted to keep damaging testimony out of public record. unless the judge grants another delay the public hearings will resume sometime after this week.
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play off fever is still running high in the bay area de spite back to back losses by our home teams. how fans rallied today in hopes of a come back on both sides of the bay. >> the green and gold is feeling a little down for rage after the past weekend's two painful losses to de stroit tigers. the athletics need to win a trio game to stand but at least they'll be at home. >> we have the most loudest fan base in the league, hands down the best fans, as well, so i think that's going to help the team do better [ crowd chanting ] . >> at plaza the city is hosting the team giving the a's a boost before challenging ahead. fans will even get a tutorial of a very important sell bra toir dance. >> i'm excited, nervous. it's all a good feeling because we haven't been here since 06 and now for the city that has all this play off fever, really exciting. >> across the bay bridge fans admit they've got a sick feeling
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after last night's 9-0 loss to the cincinnati reds. >> it's nerve racking. i think the giants will come through because of our pitching staff. i didn't expect them to lose the last two games here at home. >> last night may have been the worst shut out in giants' franchise history but fans insist will actually help. >> knock on wood, keep our fingers crossed. >> and supporters of both bay area teams still think there's a chance they'll square off in another all-day world series. >> that would be really cool, earthquake and all. >> it would certainly send through the bay area. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. has more play off coverage for you including slide show of some of the games already played. look for the link under the mlb play off tab. the lawyer for jerry sandusky said the former penn state football coach will speak at his sentencing tomorrow. in june he was convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse involving ten boys over a status
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of 15 years. in a radiointerview, sandusky suggested he was innocent and was a well orchestrated campaign by the media and accusers. given sandusky's age, 68, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. a new warning tonight about a popular flu treatment. not to purchase any form of generic tamiflu online without a prescription. if you do you're more than likely to get a phony of the drug. may contain an ingredient that triggers a potentially legal reaction. only fda-approved version of tamiflu can be purchased by prescription. he wants to end sat mail delivery by next memorial day. postmaster general said it would save the postal service more than 2 and a half billion dollars every year limiting service to five days a week and making pension payment changes could put the post office back in the black for the first time since 2007. congress has to approve the plan.
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it's one of the most eagerly-awaited event of the fall and if nothing else tells you halloween is on its way is in bay today for the annual great pumpkin weigh off where this years we winning gor set a new state record. >> at a whopping 1775 pounds, this is the winner of the half-moon bay pumpkin weigh off. cash prize for growing this monster, $10,650. >> my family is my seek rechlt i couldn't do this without the support of everybody. i think everybody that grows it successful is because they have somebody behind them. >> for all the pumpkin growers here today was the end of a long journey from seed. >> it was a flower on the 23rd of june. >> to full-groan squash. a lot of fertilizer later, he had a 1400 pound tufrp kin to show off today. >> you get everything just
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rieshths maybe you'll get lucky enough to have a big pumpkin. >> for many growers the biggest challenge was bringing their pumpkins here. >> getting it on the roads with the crazy traffic and narrow lane sdmrs the giant gors are packed and placed on styrofoam beds for the bumpy drive to prevent disqualifying cracks in the side. this year there was an extra prize offered for any pumpkin weighing more than a ton and break tg record. >> over 2,000 pounds we're going to give the winning grower $2,500 so that's pretty enticing. >> even though none of the pumpkins here reached that 2,000-pound mark they will monstrous enough and it will be on display at the festival this weekend. in half-moon bay, ktvu channel 2 news. a brawl between two wegd party social security cause ago sensation today on you tube. the fight broke out early sunday
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morning at the society hill hotel and mae involved about 100 people. according to some reports, one man was arrested for assaulting a police officer, two others for disorderly conduct. one man at the hotel die affidavit the melee but it's not clear if he was part of either wedding party or took part in the fighting. a match seemingly made in sit come heaven has suddenly drawn to a close. a spokesman for hollywood powerful couple says they decided to separate after 30 years of marriage. they first worked together on the hit tv show taxi. later they form add music production company that brought pulp fiction to the big screen. they also have three children all of them now groan. talk about a fall from the heavens, coming up why tomorrow is no ordinary sky dive, and cooler weather is coming this week. chief meteorologist bill martin will let us know which day we could see a chance of showers
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. yet laufrnl of the rocket from florida to the international space station wasn't exactly perfect. one of the nine engines flamed out about a minute and 28 seconds after lift off. the other engines were enough to lift the rocket into or bit. . we have chief meteorologist bill martin with us here tonight and back at the end of last week
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we talked about some changes coming. they're kind of here. >> yeah, they are here. you probably noticed it's a little cooler around the bay area, and it will stay that way. remember last week triple digit week but this week 60s and low 70s. we go outside and mild temperatures. 63 in oak rand right now. winds are gusting to 14 out of the west northwest so fairly typical for this time of night. look at theedz highs. these are the numbers from today. highs tomorrow will be about the same. highs the next few days about the same. this whole week we're going to see upper 60s and low 70s. not going to be hot; not going to be cold. it's going to be just right. theover night lows are chilly. 43 in santa rosa, 44 in napa. get the jacket, heat up the car. it has been very chilly. the extended forecast there's a chance of sprinkles out there. hey, there's a chns for a sprinkle tomorrow in part ts of the bay area. this is the system i'm tracking
7:25 pm
right here. that's why there's a chance of sprinkles. it's just spinning here. you know what's interesting -- maybe it's not. it's interesting to me. this has been -- i've been tracking this low since last week. it's just been signature out there. this is what broke the heat wave. it's not migrating. it's not translating. it's just staying here. it will start to move through as we get into tomorrow and the next 36 hour ts. as it moves through that's where the chance of a sprirng l comes in. that system sits offshore and is impacting our weather. in temperatures we're here last week, hundreds, nineties. we're in the 60 and 70s not just today but really the entire week and mostly boo into the weekend as well. watch what the model does. that's sorm morning, some clouds and fog kind of like we had this morning so when we wake up it looks the same but boom there's that showers. 1:00, 3:00. if this was here we could see more saturday showers as well. that's why it's in the forecast.
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the chance of see ago sprinkle are pretty slim. there's a chance out there but in the chance of you seeing a sprinkle pretty slim. 72 in livermore. the peninsula low 60s and low 70s and the five-day forecast, gasia, with your bay area weekend clearly in view i've got a chance in there but like i say, don't change your plans. okay chl thanks, bill. about ten hours from now a sky diver will attempt to set a record for the highest dive and fastest free fall in history. 43-year-old is skenled to make the jump over roz well, new mexico early tomorrow morning. he'll ride through the stratosphere in a balloon hoisted capsule reaching an altitude of 23 miles then he'll jump. the daredevil should quickly break the sound bare year and then land minutes later safe and sound if all goes well. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian and our coverage continues with the
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10:00 news and tonight we'll have complete coverage of president obama's visit to san francisco tonight. keep in mind we're always here for you at tmz is up next right here on tv 36
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